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    So imagine a Harry Potter TV series but BETTER than Game of Thrones because seasons 1 and 2 would be Founders, 3-5/6 would be Marauders, 6/7-13/14 would be the books, and then 13/14-forever would be post-Hogwarts Golden Trio and Next-Gen and it would be absolutely brilliant.

    I never knew I needed this until now.

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    Outlander (and spousal abuse)


    I’ve been seeing a lot of excitement about the upcoming Outlander adaptation lately, which prompted me to reread the series. I was lent the first book by a teacher in highschool, but hadn’t looked at it again for about ten years - until I started listening to an audiobook reading with my husband.

    And maybe it’s being older, or maybe it’s the last few years of social justice reading, education, and general exposure on Tumblr - but I was appalled at how fucked up this series is at second glance.

    (Trigger warnings for sexual assault, rape, physical assault and domestic violence. Discussion assumes knowledge of book one (Cross stitch) and is spoilerific.)

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    Well then… I guess I won’t be reading these books.

    What were your inspirations, especially since [Tauriel] is a completely created character; what brought you to bring that power because there were a lot of ways you could have played that role that would have been along the lines of what we usually see for a girl in an action movie where she’s not in the adventure, she’s the prize…? [x]


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